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 loop hole in the user agreement of mw2

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PostSubject: loop hole in the user agreement of mw2   Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:57 pm

I have read the End-User's agreement. I purchased Modwarfare 2 version 1.0 The End-User's agreement gave me permission to modify this game so long as I did not change dll files and exe files etc. I never agreed to have Steam and IW patch this program. I chose the "do not upgrade this program option in steam", but it defaults to upgrade on launch rendering the option moot. It upgraded it anyway. I tried to reinstall the game and it patched it again. You do not have my express or implied permission to make these alterations to my hard drive. The end-users agreement gives you full copyright protection of the patch. I do not want the patches. In the future you may decide to include materials that I find offensive or lewd in a patch. I believe that I have the right not to install these alterations to the original program which I purchased.

I ask that you provide a means of removing these patches and restoring the game to version 1.0. If you do not do so within 30 days or disagree with my interpretation of the agreement, please provide me with a refund, or I will file a small claims lawsuit against you for $60 plus court filing fees (I believe 35 dollars in my jurisdiction.)

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loop hole in the user agreement of mw2
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